Farmer Fare: Satsuma Tangerines

Walking around the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market this weekend, there was a nice little stand that seemed to have had a great variety of oranges and grapefruits. While organically-crossed varietals such as the Pink Navel Orange (part grapefruit, part orange) and the Blood grapefruit caught my eye, it was these teeny, tiny, little tangerines that made it home in my basket.

Spawned from the seemingly perfect Satsuma, this easy-to-peel seedless variety of mandarins that China so greatly brought to North America are super juicy and come in the cutest little packages. Smaller than the average clementine (see: Cuties), these little guys were only $3.00/ lb, which for my bag of 15 small golf ball sized pieces weighed in at about 7-8 ounces.

Recommended uses:  total snack, awesome on salads.


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