Murakami Sushi: Local Eats on a budget

Full order mixed sashimi (salmon, tuna, albacore, yellowtail). 15 pieces, $12

Murakami Sushi is a Hollywood gem. It’s great value sushi located just off the beaten path on Wilcox and Hollywood Blvd., just behind Kung Pao Kitty and across the street from Vegan House. I was skeptical at first, as I had never noticed it there, but after trying it out for myself, I have to admit, I am pretty happy. We had 31 pieces of sushi, two drinks, two miso soups, at under $40!

Miso soup in a gigantic mug with loads of fresh seaweed, mushrooms, tofu, $2.

Now, when it comes to sushi, I am mostly a stickler, so if you are looking for supremely fresh of high quality, you best look elsewhere. This place is great for lunch and take-out– a small space with patio seating. It is bright and clean looking on the inside, and they have a very attentive staff. Murakami is one of those walk up the counter to order places and for once I didn’t actually mind that part. The prices are amazing, too.

The fish is pretty good quality. Better than your Whole Foods sushi and  not scary like other value sushi joints in congested touristy parts of town. While Murakami keeps limited hours (they close at 7:30) and they lack a beer and wine license, it’s a cozy little place to get a refreshingly healthy lunch amidst a sea of overpriced tourist food.

Cons: No alcohol, limited hours, not the best in town, underwhelming albacore, small menu, street parking is limited.

Pros: Great value, pretty fresh quality fish, friendly service, nice atmosphere, close to the subway stops in Hollywood, and in my case, walking distance from home. Also, one block from the newly opened Parlour Room.

Murakami is located at 1714 N Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028.


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