Amber Eats L.A!

Just a quick post to tell you folks about my friend Amber’s new food blog. Amber Stevens and I went to high school together a handful of years ago and through the magic of the internet, have loosely kept touch throughout the years. She was my class president, and I was an editor of the school newspaper. She has gone on to become an actress as one of the main characters in the ensemble show Greek on ABC Family.

For the past few months now, Amber has been on a photo posting spree of all of the fabulous restaurants she has been going to. I envy this lady’s free time (and her limitless budget, as us press people make peanuts compared to those on screen. hehe)! She’s still new to all this blog business, so there may be a few changes coming soon, but she’s hilarious, honest, and knows how to eat!

Random interview with Amber via Youtube:


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