Grub: local haven to Hollywood’s premier post-production posse

I first stumbled upon Grub’s website while checking out a couple of recommendations from someone who reads this blog and friended me on Yelp. At first I was a little hesitant on checking it out, as their website seemed a little too cutesy in that goofy hippie-mom kind of way. However, stumped on where to go for dinner last week, we decided to check this place out and see what the fuss about their “crack bacon” was all about.

We slowly drove down Seward Avenue in what seemed like the ghost of the early Hollywood post-production studios. We saw their cute little sign that said “Park here and walk,” then followed the bleak grey sidewalk to their lush and colorful entrance (above). Grub, which is an old converted bungalow, was very cozy and homey. It reminded me a lot of a place that I loved in Phoenix called the Willow House (R.I.P) because it’s old-time charm; from the creaking floorboards to the knick-knacks and wide windows. We were seated and were brought snacks!

After a quick look over the menu, we ultimately ordered what we had initially wanted to try: the Crack Bacon burger with a side of roasted potatoes.

The verdict: I don’t know what they do to this bacon, but I know it’s something I haven’t had before. The Crack Bacon burger touches so many dimensions on your palate; sweet, savory, and a little bit of heat and smoke. The bacon itself has been cooked in what tastes like a cross between maple or honey with spices like cumin. The result is definitely interesting and I was pretty excited. The res of the burger was pretty good as well. The meat was cooked to order, medium well for me, medium for the boyfriend. Thick Tilamook cheddar, caramelized onions, and the traditional fixin’s. On the side I got their roasted potatoes, which were delicious but a little over-seasoned with pepper, making it a little spicy on some bites.

Overall, Grub was a delightful find in a part of Hollywood that gets little to no traffic whatsoever after business hours. They’ve recently started serving dinner and you can see their menu here.  One of the reasons why I like Grub is also because it was opened by two former waitresses at CPK who got sick of how streamlined and corporate restaurants have gotten so they opened up their own place and their own catering service to do things their own way with their own vision. Since then, they have garnered some pretty hefty awards and recognition from the city as well as launched a national career for themselves making appearances on various cooking shows and season two of Top Chef. Ironically, Betty’s Grilled Cheese won a Top Chef competition and is now on the menu at TGI Friday’s (part of her prize). Worry not though, Grub keeps it real in every way possible making it a great place to lounge in some peace and quiet after a busy Hollywood day.

Grub is locaed at 911 Seward Street in Hollywood.


3 responses to “Grub: local haven to Hollywood’s premier post-production posse

  1. You know what’s crazy, I knew about Grub even before I went to LA. When I was doing my pre-LA research, I came across the website as one of the must-visit eateries in LA. I made a mental note on it and of course, I completely forgot and never had the chance to visit Grub when I was there. What a bummer. Will definitely do when I get back there soon.

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