Brunch Bunch: EVA Restaurant’s Bottomless Mimosas

Bottomless brunches have been all the rage in this town for many years now, but not every all-you-can-drink spot has the complete package: a laid-back neighborhood atmosphere, delicious seasonal farm-to-table cooking, and yes, those precious bottomless mimosas we all know and love. EVA Restaurant fits all of the above criteria,and then some.

As one of my favorite little spots in town, EVA’s bottomless mimosa brunch is quaint, homey, and has a quality menu to suit your various post-Saturday night hangover hungers. The major perk to this is the two-course brunch with bottomless mimosa service at a mere $29, although an a la carte menu is also available. Easily one of the best deals in town, when you compare to other places that charge $14 just for the mimosa. This past weekend we opted for the seasonal fruit bowl, breakfast sandwich, and good old fashioned French toast. It was just what we needed after an exhausting weekend.

The fruit bowl featured seasonal melons and blueberries garnished with a little mint. I don’t know how chef Mark Gold does it, but I was in heaven just with the fruit bowl alone. I hate it when I get the fruit bowl at nice restaurants and the fruit is just so sad and tasteless. Look at the photo above…cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew never looked so good! Ryan’s breakfast sandwich featured fresh pan de mie, sun-dried tomatoes, egg, buttered onions, and bacon with a side of roasted fingerling potatoes. Hearty and according to Ry, perfectly composed. A good breakfast sandwich can sometimes be hard to come by.

My French toast was also quite good. Textbook all the way through. Big, beautifully made slices that were perfectly gooey in the middle, and crisp around the edges; a good eggy and sweet flavor with good syrup. I would have wanted a little savory on the plate, but I compensated with some of Ryan’s taters and was a happy gal.

Overall, this was one of the better brunches we’ve had in a while. Service was incredibly attentive, even with a full house, and the mimosas were indeed, bottomless. I never had a glass that was less than half full, which is seriously a sign of top notch service. Prices are great and they’ve got everything from fresh granola, steak and eggs, and even some seared halibut if you’re one of those types of morning people. Reservations are strongly recommended, and on a beautiful day, sit on the patio- it’s just lovely.

Not a morning person? Celebrate your Sundays at EVA during their fabulous Sunday Dinners; multi-course meal with unlimited red or white wine for only $39, need I say more?

EVA Restaurant is located at 7458 Beverly Blvd., Mid-City; Los Angeles, CA


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