Straight Trippin’: Romance at Coup des Tartes

There are many former houses-turned-restaurants in the greater Phoenix area, but one that will always hold a candle in my heart is the romantic little French hideaway that could: Coup des Tartes. I’ve been to this adorable Phoenix spot a handful of times over the years, but ironically, each time I’ve gone it was on a horrendously bad date. There was the guy who wanted to impress me no matter how big of an egotistical jerk he was…then there was the guy who took me there because it was my birthday but he secretly had a girlfriend…oy vey. Each memory I have of this place was bittersweet– amazing food and ambiance, bad dining companions.

This time, the boyfriend and I decided to do it right. Our best friends gifted us with a Groupon to Coup des Tartes last month so we made it a point to have a date night while visiting them. The place was exactly as I remembered it. Just this time, I’d remember every part of the meal with warm smiles and happy thoughts.

You can’t come here without trying their amazing onion tart appetizer which is delicate, savory perfection. For our entrees the Mr. went with the steak, while I went for their tender and juicy pork loin with goat cheese and a wonderfully tart raspberry sauce. For dessert, their brown butter and poached pear tart which was served warm.

When you think about the intimate atmosphere, attentive service, and well-executed menu, price is no object (although to be fair, their prices are pretty reasonable for the quality and value). Factor in the fact that they are BYOB (with corkage), and you’ve got a solid date sure to impress.


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