Power Lunch: Antequera de Oaxaca

Antequera de Oaxaca may not look like much from the outside, but within this small storefront on Melrose Ave. lies a comforting haven for traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Previously praised by Jonathan Gold for their botanas, this place is comforting and inexpensive. It’s only major gripe during lunch hour being their sometimes slow service (as every now and then, the person waiting on you is also lending a hand in the kitchen). Solid food at decent prices, Antequera de Oaxaca might not be the place to get the best Oaxacan mole fix, but their chicken enchiladas topped with salsa rojo and their crunchy fried carne asada quesadillas make for a good afternoon snack. Don’t forget to try their freshly brewed jamaica (hibiscus drink) and their unique horchata served with pecans and melon to refresh you in the coming spring.

Antequera de Oaxaca is located at 5200 Melrose Ave.


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