Dining: El Picoteo | Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Spanish tapas from El Picoteo were one of the things we splurged on multiple times while on our trip. Located within our amazing hotel (Hotel El Convento), El Picoteo serves up delicious tapas; some of which were just as good as I have had in Spain. We were able to try a good chunk of the menu in our handful of days on the island, and while there’s no wrong order here, I do have to recommend the following dishes which I thought were absolutely divine.

-grilled langostines (large and plump)
-oven-braised octopus (some of the best I have ever had)
-grilled cuttlefish (great texture; tender with a bit of crunch)
-pork ribs (meaty and tender like lechon asado)
-patatas bravas (because no tapas order is complete without them)
-pitchers of sangria (red or white, you can’t go wrong. Made fresh at the bar!)
-pina colada (my favorite from the ones I tried within San Juan and it doesn’t come from an industrial machine!)
-Tres leches cake (rich and dense)
-Leche Flan (thick, carmelized custard goodness)

Service is incredibly friendly and attentive. The bartenders are great at all times of the day, and they serve food until 11p.m., which is a plus for Old San Juan during week days when restaurants close a little earlier. The outdoor patio atmosphere at night cannot be beat.

El Picoteo is located inside the Hotel El Convento at 100 Calle de Cristo, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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