Pittsburgh’s Dream Cream Serves Ice Cream with a Purpose

Things have been a little busy on this end of the computer screen, which is great for work but not great for this blog. As my week is slowly winding down, this ridiculous heat wave we’ve got in southern California has got me thinking about ice cream and everything relating to it. So before I embark on my quest for a frosty delight, I want to tell you about a great little ice cream shop we stumbled upon in downtown Pittsburgh.

Dream Cream Ice Cream located in the heart of downtown’s Cultural District serves quality ice cream flavors with a social/charitable twist.  This modest storefront that occupies a former camera shop was founded just a few months ago as part of the Pop-Up Project: Downtown initiative which gives local entrepreneurs a rent-free short-term lease in an empty downtown space to help re-build the area and introduce new local businesses. This concept is fantastic, as it gives people a vessel in which to get a head-start on their businesses.

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There are several Dream flavors available daily that are all tied to a special cause [see photos]. The boyfriend’s cousin Dan had mentioned that his friends were starting up their own brewery, so we were excited to see that the purchase of Birthday Bash ice cream would give them a percentage of the total sales of that flavor. Owner Thomas (who founded Dream Cream with his girlfriend) was on hand to explain the whole idea behind Dream Cream and was a friendly and welcoming host. He expressed wanting to make Dream Cream a permanent fixture in the community after it’s pop-up lease time expires and was very passionate about being able to help make someone’s dreams come true. I’m not sure how long they will be in the area, but if you happen to be in those neck of the woods, be sure to pay them a visit! And if you’re a dreamer, you can also apply to have your own flavor on their website.

Dream Cream is located at 539 Liberty Ave., Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. | dreamcreamicecream.com 


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