Travelogue: Venezia in Photos {Venice, Italy}

It cannot be denied that there is something magical about Venice; a city surrounded by water, covered in cobblestone, and rich in history and culture. From the many churches to the famous opera houses, there is something so romantic about Venice that has historically drawn people to its charm. Famous authors and artists have used Venice as their muse; their playground. Even the famous Hemingway has left imprints from San Marco all the way into the outer  lagoon. And while the city has become more an attraction for visitors off cruise ships than world-renowned painters, you can always rely on Venice’s beauty. The sun setting over the lagoon, gondoliers serenading lovers off quiet back-way canals, the musicians that keep San Marco lively well into the evening in front of the legendary Cafe Florian. The slight smell of salt in the air in the early morning as the Rialto Market prepares to sell the freshest catch of the day. Venice, in all its glory, is really quite intoxicating. –Transcribed from notes off a napkin; Italy, October 2012. Here are some photos I snapped while soaking in the magic that is Venice.

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