Dining: Brunch at Ledlow DTLA

Admittedly, I may be a Josef Centeno fan-girl. Baco Mercat is one of my favorite restaurants to recommend, and his fresh take on Texan fare at Bar Ama strips one of the shame of uttering the words Tex-Mex; an otherwise taboo phrase in the world of hip-and-happening semi-highbrow cuisine.

His latest project, Ledlow, is located steps away from his flagship Baco and is less than a block away from Bar Ama and his new(er) fine(r) dining resto, Orsa & Winston (a nod to omakase). Occupying the former Pete’s Cafe on some prime real estate in the Old Bank District in downtown Los Angeles, Ledlow is a comfortable new American concept with strong bistro influences.

Centeno is taking over this pocket of DTLA. And I’m totally okay with that.

Make Spoons Recommends (pictured above):
Brioche French Toast – 
fluffy house-made brioche is transformed into a pillow-like pile of French Toast with brown butter; topped with bright Huckleberry compote and creme fraiche.

Breakfast Combo – Centeno takes your typical breakfast combo and makes it a lotta-bit better. Two gorgeous fried eggs are topped with fresh salsa verde, pee-wee potatoes are cooked in duck fat, house-made bread is grilled instead of toasted, and instead of bacon…pork belly slabs that achieve a fine ratio of crispy to tender & fatty.

Ledlow is located at 400 S. Main Street, Los Angeles. | www.ledlowla.com 


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