Dining: EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

California is blessed with easy access to fresh seafood. Los Angeles in particular, is a hotbed of reasonably cheap sushi restaurants and upscale seafood-centric establishments. Koreatown’s EMC Seafood & Raw Bar meets diners in the middle with quality offerings at affordable prices. Tables fill up quickly and there is often a wait — so head there early (no reservations). Menu standouts include their seafood tower, lobster roll, garlic clams, and my most favorite dish: Uni Pasta. The bar is a hit among the happy hour sect with a couple of interesting house cocktails and a couple of craftier beer options — but with The Walker Inn & Normandie Club a block away, I’d skip the booze and focus on the shellfish.

Uni Pasta with a creamy sauce, seaweed, fresh chives, and luxurious uni.

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar is located at 3500 W 6th St #101, Los Angeles, CA 90010. | Koreatown 


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