Hello, 2016!

I hate to say it, but I feel like I end up revisiting this thing whenever I feel like I am hitting a wall. The last post was from August 2015; just days after I parted ways with my job of three years and just weeks before I would embark upon my new professional adventure. It’s been a crazy few months.

The reality of responsibility, professional politics, and holding on to the last shred of exuberant youthful idealism that I have left concluded 2015 in a weird, but good place. Home life was good, work was fulfilling, but working on “me” and whatever that even means was left to the wayside. I often forget about myself. I don’t mean that in some selfless Mother Theresa way, I mean it in straight up neglect. I had to get surgery a couple of months ago for a lesion on my head that they wanted to make sure wouldn’t turn into anything scary. It was a necessary procedure that required rest and healing. I took one day off for it, knocked myself out the following weekend, and was back to work on Monday.

This year I identified the problem. I rang in the new year with a new, non-ironic list of resolutions. I ushered in the last year of my 20’s with a bang and a new perspective on what it means to take the time for yourself. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do this year, but at least 29 started off with one hell of a meal. At Providence. With the man that I love.

I wasn’t anticipating going on a minor “Dear Diary”-esque rant when I started writing this post, so to the couple dozen subscribers I have, I apologize. Let me make it up to you with some photos of food. Really, truly, stunning food. So good, I don’t even want to write about it. Just know that Michael Cimarusti is one of the best chefs in Los Angeles and Providence is a must-try dining experience that, while not easy on your wallet, is worth every cent.



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